I'm Stuart Shaw, a freelance copywriter.

What does a freelance copywriter really do?

In a nutshell, freelance copywriters write websites, brochures, brand stories, SEO Power Pages, whitepapers and ebooks that engage customers, energise colleagues, and crush competitors. They write love letters to Google too. All at a moment's notice.
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And a screenwriter.

Think Malick meets Tarantino and you’re warm.

And in my free guide – Create a Brand Story like a Hollywood Movie – I use Hollywood screenwriting tricks to help your brand tell – and sell – a great brand story. SPOILER: It will change the way you watch movies forever.
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The font you pick for your site is the most important choice you ever make. It defines who you are, what you stand for, and who you’re talking to. Most copywriters don’t know too much about typography. Designers either. But that’s about to change with The Web Designer’s Guide to Perfect Readability.
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“He helped to highlight the real, friendly, human face of our brand.”

ITogether sell cutting-edge products. Servers. Routers. Anti-virus. But they weren’t alone. Paste a paragraph from their portfolio into Google, you’d get hundreds of matches - one returned 597. The goal was to reduce that to 0.
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"Great guy, great service and great text writing abilities.”

Every removals company has a Moving Home Guide. But City Removals is a family business. It cares about its environmental impact. What about this: 'Moving Green: An Eco-friendly Guide to Moving Home'?
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"I think that is absolutely perfect."

A modest piece, but one that required haste with an ongoing redesign in progress and careful thought, because the About Us page I created for Cemetery Memorials had to entwine the story of the brand with the personal story of the business owner. An owner whose caring craftsmanship needed to shine through.
Here's how I did it.

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